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George Barris and Heiress Daughter Caroline Barris

George Barris & Daughter Caroline Barris

INHOLLYWOODLAND LLC Was Formed Poolside On The Diving Board Of The Roosevelt Hotel On New Year's Eve In 2013, Caroline & Xavier, Not Knowing At That Time That It Was The Exact Spot At The Roosevelt Hotel In Hollywood, California Where Marilyn Monroe Took Some Of Her Very 1st Photos As A Pin-Up Girl On The Exact Diving Board Poolside. 


With George Barris' Request & Blessing His Daughter Caroline Barris & Mentee Xavier Clemente Created INHOLLYWOODLAND LLC To Catalog & Promote George Barris' Legendary Body Of Work All Over The World. Today INHOLLYWOODLAND LLC Continues To Represent The Estate & Is The Sole Heirs Of George Barris' Catalog & Continue The Legacy Of Yesteryear's Legendary & Most Influential Photos of Marilyn Monroe Among Other Influential HOLLYWOOD Icons.

Caroline Barris | INHOLLYWOODLAND LLC Who Is The True Estate ​Who Bears All Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights, Right Of Publicity, Trademarks And Is Soley The Exclusive Licensor Of George Barris' Catalog Of Marilyn Monroe From 1954-1962.

INHOLLYWOODLAND's | George Barris Catalog Includes Original Authentic Photos, Prints, Lithographs, Fine Art, Apparel & Merchandise Sourced From The Original Negatives Of Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, Eva Marie Saint, Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Mentee/Assistant Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, And Many Other Iconic Hollywood Legends.

All 2nd and 3rd Party Auction Houses Or Galleries Sellers Are Not Guaranteed To Be Authentic Unless Sourced Or Confirmed Through INHOLLYWOODLAND LLC.


All Photographed Prints Available Are Hand-signed By George Barris & Include A Certificate Of Authenticity Hand-Signed By Caroline Barris Since George Barris's Passing In 2016.


All Photos Are Copyrighted By George Barris. All Rights Reserved. Derivative Rights Reserved By



Caroline Barris

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